How can I understand knitting instructions?

Once you are able to understand the knitting instructions that are detailed in knitting craft books and magazines, then there is basically nothing that can stop you from creating anything that you dream of. The Internet is full of great kitting instructions for all kinds of projects that you may want, starting from baby sweaters, caps and booties to long heavy coats too.

When you start on a project you may want to check out the list of techniques that are almost always mentioned at the top. This will mean that you will need to know these techniques in order to complete the project successfully. Make sure that you use the instructions for the size that you need. In case the different sizes are not given separately you may want to copy or print the instructions and highlight the areas and details for the size you want to create. It is also important to pay attention to the punctuation marks. While one line is expected to represent a row, there are times that a colon will indicate a change in the pattern.

Typically you will be asked to cast on stitches, determine the gauge, knit the round, increase stitches, decrease stitches, cast off stitches and some more. While knitting the round is essentially used to create necks and other kind of patterns that require a hole, the stitches need to be increased and decreased when creating a curve in the pattern. The design will explain the exact number of stitches to add on or take off.



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