Knitting yarn

Choosing the knitting yarn is one of the most exciting times in a knitting project. Well the completion of the piece that you are making does give you a lot of satisfaction and relief but selecting the yarn is like the first step towards starting a project and you are filled with anticipation and are almost always rearing to go. You will need to go through the requirements provided in your proje...


Knitting needles

Obviously the most essential part of knitting is knitting needles. These come in a variety of material and can be made from aluminum, plastic, wood and sometimes of other materials as well. Some collectors' items can also be found when you get knitting needles made of gold, silver or when you have precious gems studded at the end of the needles. Irrespective of any material that you use, the...


Other tools and supplies for knitting

If you have bought your first pair of needles and yarn and created something that you are extremely proud of, you may want to continue the journey and create newer things with your new found hobby. It is also a great thing to shop for more items that you can use in your hobby as you proceed further. These just help make your life simpler and easier as you advance into creating tougher patterns a...


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