What is tension and what can I do to get it right when knitting?

Tension is essentially the tightness of the item that you ate creating and it often refers to the specific among of closeness that there is between the stitches. To some extent the tension of a project depends on the size the needles that you have chosen and also the weight of the yarn. If you choose a large size of needles that is thick and a yarn that is too thin or light, you are likely to end up with a tension that is right. It may just be too loose. Using thin needles for bulky yarn can give you exactly the opposite effect where the item seems to be too crowded. Therefore it is necessary that you check the needle size that is recommended for the project that you have taken up in order to get the tension right.

Another factor that contributes to the tension that you are getting in your work is the manner in which you hold the needles and the yarn. If you hold the yarn at the back of the work a bit too tightly, each stitch is likely to be tight and stretched. On the other hand, hold it too lightly and you are likely to have holes in your work. Not only are you expected to hold the yarn with the right level of tightness you also need to ensure that when you create the loop over the right hand needle you do it naturally. Here again, pulling the yarn too hard or only just a bit will result in too tight a tension or too loose.



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