Knitting How To

Once you learn the art of knitting you can practically create any kind of apparel with it. You can make socks, caps, laces, ponchos, sweaters, tees and more. It feels great see a ball of yarn get converted into something that you can wear. These can become great gifts even when you have just started the process because making small patterns and mats out of knitted yarn is extremely easy and quick too.

And once you have learnt how to read instructions in a knitting book you should be able to create almost anything that you want by reading and following the instructions. This will include understanding some knitting abbreviations as well. Some of the first few basics that you will need to learn include casting stitches so that you can start creating your patterns, the basic stitches and then casting off stitches too. With these basics you should be all set to go.

How can I understand knitting instructions?

Once you are able to understand the knitting instructions that are detailed in knitting craft books and magazines, then there is basically nothing that can stop you from creating anything that you dream of. The Internet is full of great kitting instructions for all kinds of projects that you may want, starting from baby sweaters, caps and booties to long heavy coats too. When you start on a proj...


How to do the purl stitch

The purl stitch is actually the exact opposite of the knit stitch. It is indicated by the symbol (p) in knitting magazine instructions. Unlike the knit stitch where the smooth side faces you and the bumpy side is towards the back while you work your way, the purl stitch gives exactly the opposite effect. As you create the purl stitch the bumpy side faces you and the smoother side appears on the...


How to cast on stitches

The first thing that you will need to do after you have purchased your supplies is to search for instructions for the thing that you want to make. This could be anything that you want to make but it is recommended that you start with something as simple as a placemat. This is because you will be able to practice casting on stitches, doing the simple stitches and then casting them off too. Castin...


How to do the knit stitch

There are essentially two kinds of main stitches in knitting. These are the knit stitch and the purl stitch. You can do each of these using the continental method or the English method. The yarn is held behind the work in both kinds of knitting options. The knit stitch is a versatile stitch. It is smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. In most cases the smoother side is used as the outer sid...


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