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The satisfaction that knitting gives when you complete a project is amazing and the thrill of using something that you have made on your own gives a creative satisfaction that cannot be described. Anyone who has a hobby and has seen the end of a project can understand the way it feels when you complete a project. And if this is something that you are beginning to enjoy a lot, you will obviously want to challenge yourself and go all the way to make the best of all the projects that you can find.

One of the best ways in which you will be able to continue to fuel your curiosity and eagerness to make new things is to find new project for which you will need to know how to read knitting instructions. And then there are these confusing yarns that you can never choose between. Honestly the whole idea is to get to learn the basic stiches and then explore as much as you want.

How can I understand knitting instructions?

Once you are able to understand the knitting instructions that are detailed in knitting craft books and magazines, then there is basically nothing that can stop you from creating anything that you dream of. The Internet is full of great kitting instructions for all kinds of projects that you may want, starting from baby sweaters, caps and booties to long heavy coats too. When you start on a proj...


What is tension and what can I do to get it right when knitting?

Tension is essentially the tightness of the item that you ate creating and it often refers to the specific among of closeness that there is between the stitches. To some extent the tension of a project depends on the size the needles that you have chosen and also the weight of the yarn. If you choose a large size of needles that is thick and a yarn that is too thin or light, you are likely to en...


What are some of the standard knitting abbreviations that are used?

As you graduate to working tougher designs you will realize that you have to make sure that you understand exactly what the instructions mean. Making a guess is not something that will be able to take you further at this stage. The fact is that when you have reached a stage of complicated designs, you are also expected to have understood and learnt the abbreviations that are so commonly used in...


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