How to do the purl stitch

The purl stitch is actually the exact opposite of the knit stitch. It is indicated by the symbol (p) in knitting magazine instructions. Unlike the knit stitch where the smooth side faces you and the bumpy side is towards the back while you work your way, the purl stitch gives exactly the opposite effect. As you create the purl stitch the bumpy side faces you and the smoother side appears on the back of the pattern. This means that if you want to make a completely smooth pattern, then you will need to alternate the knit row and the purl row so as to obtain a completely smooth pattern on one side.

Here again you need to hold the needle with the work in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand. The empty needle needs to be inserted into the stitch on the left needle from the right to the left in the front part of the loop of the first stitch. In this case the right needle is in front of the left one. Then you must wrap the yarn around the right needle from the front to back ensuring that it ends in the front.

Keeping the yarn in the left hand, the right needle needs to take the yarn and go backwards through the old stitch. The movement is basically away from you towards the back. Now that the new stitch is on the right needle you can slip off the old stitch from the left needle. Complete the row and you will get a complete row of purl stitches.



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