Knitting yarn

Choosing the knitting yarn is one of the most exciting times in a knitting project. Well the completion of the piece that you are making does give you a lot of satisfaction and relief but selecting the yarn is like the first step towards starting a project and you are filled with anticipation and are almost always rearing to go.

You will need to go through the requirements provided in your project clearly. In all probability you will also be given the exact brand name and the color number that you should choose in order to get the right shade. In case you do not get the exact brand and shade, you can always check on the Internet with regards to the shade that the number corresponds to and pick one that is similar to the shade mentioned.

While changing the brand and the exact color of the yarn does not impact the design, you will need to ensure that the weight of the yarn that you are choosing is the same. The fiber and the gauge of the yarn will dictate the number of rows that you need to complete to achieve an inch. There are basically five weight categories - fingering, sport, DK, worsted and bulky.

Fingering weight yarn is extremely fine and is therefore used for socks, lace and baby clothes. Sport is relatively heavier and is used for a variety of things like afghans, baby items and crafts. The DK weight category is essentially a European weight category but the worsted weight is the one that is used most often in knitting. This is a weight category that can be knitted easily and therefore is the most preferred. The bulky weight category is generally reserved for rugs, coats, heavy sweaters and blankets.



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