Other tools and supplies for knitting

If you have bought your first pair of needles and yarn and created something that you are extremely proud of, you may want to continue the journey and create newer things with your new found hobby. It is also a great thing to shop for more items that you can use in your hobby as you proceed further. These just help make your life simpler and easier as you advance into creating tougher patterns and designs.

Bobbins are something that comes in handy when you are creating a pattern that has many colors. Made of plastic these can make life easier since you can cut pieces of yarn and wrap it around the bobbin to just pull and start using when you need to attach it. Keeping a crochet hook with you can help you in picking up stitches that drop or closing seams. You can also use these to create an extra piece of crocheted work at the end of the knitted pattern if you wish to do so.

A stitch holder is an accessory that holds the stitches in place till the time you need them. This is something that you will invariably need to do when you are creating the neck of a sweater. Some of the other things that you should have in your knitting kit include a measuring tape, scissors, safety pins, point protectors for your needles, a row counter and a tapestry needle. You can also use T-pins for blocking, coilless pins and sticky noted to mark the place in the pattern where you have stopped.



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